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How They Work

PMCap-Nozzle (patent pending)

Access Component for Pressure Retaining Items

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  • The PMCap-Nozzle is a self-reinforced access component that provides users with a quick and cost effective alternative for replacing or adding new nozzles. 
  • The PMCap-Nozzle does not require a precise hole cut for the new nozzle.  Oversized holes, cut with large tolerances may be used.  The hole does not have to be machined and hole edge and adjacent component surface requires no preparation.
  • The PMCap-Nozzle encapsulates and replaces degraded component wall adjacent to the nozzle.
  • The PMCap-Nozzle includes a corrosion allowance, or can be constructed of corrosion resistant material or with a corrosion resistant liner.  PMCap and Nozzle may be constructed of different materials.
  • The PMCap-Nozzle does not require but allows use of weld backing strips at installation. 
  • Attachment welds joining PMCap-Nozzles to pressure retaining items are full penetration.  Final as-welded configuration may be ultrasonically examination to assure complete penetration and weld integrity.
  • PMCap-Nozzles are designed and constructed to ASME Codes and supplied as ASME code-stamped components.  The complete package includes hardware, partial data reports, drawings, installation instructions, material test reports, and certified calculations.
  • PMCap-Nozzles are available in all sizes, material combinations, and pressure ratings.
  • Installation time and costs for PMCap-Nozzles are significantly less than those associated with traditional nozzle additions or replacements.

24”PMCap-Nozzle - Carbon Steel PMCap,
304 SS Liner w/SS Weld Overlay

36” PMCap-Nozzle – Carbon Steel PMCap,
CrMo Nozzle, and 304 SS Liner


PMCap-Nozzles – Ready for Shipment

8”PMCap-Nozzle Stainless Steel PMCap

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