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What is the “PMCap Repair Method”, and how does it differ from other repair methods?

To what Codes are PMCaps constructed?
How are PMCaps different from lap plates

Can’t I just perform a weld overlay on the external side of degraded pressure retaining component wall?

What are the advantages of a PMCap repair vs. the traditional “flush patch” or “weld overlay” methods of repair?
Do you perforate the shell prior to installing the cap to make it a true pressure boundary?
Can you measure/monitor the thinning on the shell once the cap is installed, in the degraded area?
Is the PMCap machined from plate or forging?
How have you validated all aspects of design on the cap in compliance ASME III Division 1?
You mention in your literature that the NRC has "accepted" the component, how have they "accepted" this?
What is the purpose of the PMCap being "undercut"?
What ASME III Division 1 or ASME VIII Div. 1 or Div. 2 applications can the PMCap Repair Method be applied to?
Is the intent of the cap to be a permanent or temporary fix?
Is there any concern of the degrading area spreading outside the location of the cap?

Does PMC Engineering perform installation?

Are PMCaps stock items?  What is the general lead time to obtain them?
What information does PMC Engineering need to design an PMCap?
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