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How They Work

PMC Engineering Solutions provides engineering and consulting services to all industries that have flow accelerated corrosion (FAC)/erosion/degradation concerns in pressure boundaries, with a particular focus on Code compliance issues in vessels, heat exchangers and piping.  Design services include application of the patented “PMC Restoration Method”, Flow Restriction Devices (Orifice Plates), ASME pressure vessel design, Fitness for Service (FFS) evaluations, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), mechanical engineering, and structural analysis. 

Specific engineering services include:


Flow Restriction Devices [Orifice Plates - Design / Build]

PMC Engineering is capable of designing and fabricating orifice plates to aid in your volumetric flow rate measurements.  We can design and build orifice plates for any industry, code and application.  

Fitness for Service Code Evaluations

PMC Engineering services have been used extensively to determine the capability of components with degraded pressure boundary, including localized metal loss and pits, in shells and nozzles, to remain in service while satisfying ASME Code criteria.  Our Fitness for Service evaluations determine how long a component can remain in service before repair is required.  Evaluations are performed using in-house developed metal loss prediction and Code compliance software, along with detailed finite element methods.  Results of our evaluations can allow for continued operation and provide sufficient time to adequately plan for repairs on a non-emergency basis.

Finite Element Analysis

PMC Engineering utilizes finite element methods to perform component and structure analyses that provide accurate and economical hardware designs and evaluations.  Use of finite element methods can reduce the inherent conservatism and provide more accurate stress and factor of safety results than those obtained using conventional hand calculations or design by rule methods.  Work is performed using ANSYS, NASTRAN, or Algor finite element analysis software.
Fitness for Service Finite Element Analysis PMCap Shell Finite Element Analysis PMNozzleCap Finite Element Analysis

Section VIII/III Fabrication

PMC Engineering provides ASME Code pressure vessel engineering, design services, fabrication management and inspection services for ASME Section VIII components to the commercial industry and ASME Section III components to the nuclear industry.  Code stamped components can be procured from PMC Engineering.  PMC Engineering also provides design and supply of Code component “U-PART” and “NPT” stamped restoration hardware including the patented PMCap (US Patent 6,960,297) hardware for restoration of degraded pressure boundary areas by encapsulation.

Temporary Repairs Designed to Code

PMC Engineering can design, construct, and supply cost effective temporary repair hardware that satisfy Code construction requirements and requisite safety factors for the duration of the temporary repair use.  Where plant down time is of paramount importance, a temporary (but Code compliant) repair can sometimes provide the best solution.  PMC Engineering has extensive experience working with our clients to determine the most cost effective approach to component repair considering both equipment end of life date and plant demands on equipment return to service needs.

Pressure Vessel Design/Re-Rate

PMC Engineering specializes in the design of high and low temperature pressure vessels to ASME Section III and Section VIII Division 1 and 2 criteria.  Our designs have been used in radioactive waste gas processing at temperatures above 1200°F and cryogenic industrial gas production at temperatures below -320°F.  We have extensive experience in re-rating vessels for operation under different pressure/temperature and loading conditions than for which they were originally designed and certified.


PMC Engineering provides design of high and low temperature piping systems that optimize supports and equipment loading that satisfies ASME Section III, ASME B31.1 and B31.3 design criteria.

Welding Services

PMC Engineering has agreements in place with highly qualified welding and field installation, repair and restoration contractors.  We manage our contractor services to assure compliance with ASME Codes and National Board inspection Code (NBIC) requirements.

Field Management Services

PMC Engineering provides management services to support our clients during field installations, repairs and restorations that utilize our recommended component remediation work or supplied hardware.
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