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PMCap (Patent 6,860,297) Repair Method ASME Code Pressure Vessel and Piping Repair Component

PMCap –Repair Solutions.  Available in any size, shape, and pressure rating.

Smart decisions regarding equipment service life and how best to keep equipment online are critical to the performance of any facility.  Minimizing downtime and maximizing maintenance is essential to the fiscal health of any production facility. As equipment wears, a choice is often made to either repair or replace a component based on cost, facility downtime, and risks.

PMC Engineering provides the lowest cost and downtime, and least risk repair option for restoring Code compliance to pressure vessels, heat exchangers and piping subject to erosion, corrosion, cracking, or pitting through a combination of analysis and hardware.  Traditional methods of repair, Flush Patch, Weld Overlay, and Patch/Lap plates have been standard practice but come with inherent risks and substantial cost.  Flush Patches are labor intensive, costly, and can result in vessel distortion or internal damage; Weld Overlay is impractical for large areas; and Patch/Lap plates are not Code compliant.

The patented PMCap Repair Method provides a better way.  We offer the only Code compliant pressure boundary repair that is performed on the external surface and without cutting or removing the degraded area.  Repairs can be made and equipment restored to service in record time at minimal cost without compromising safety.

PMCaps, PMElbows, and PMNozzles are unique code compliant repair components that allow repairing pressure vessels and piping without the need to breach pressure boundary.  Cutting out degraded vessel shell or pipe wall is not required.  This avoids having to drain or purge the component and eliminates the risk of foreign material intrusion.

The robust design and construction of these components satisfy all ASME Code criteria.  Application of the repair method results in a new, permanent pressure boundary that encapsulates localized degraded areas.  Components are installed using a full penetration weld resulting in an inherently stronger shell, nozzle, or piping.  Installation time is significantly less than component replacement, or that required for a flush patch or weld overlay repair.

Our repairs are:

  • accepted by NBIC per Interpretation 04-01,
  • listed in API 510 as an approved repair method,
  • accepted and approved by State Jurisdictional Authorities,
  • accepted by Nuclear Regulatory Commission,
  • approved by TSSA of Canada by registration as an ASME Code Fitting for Repair,
  • accepted by Commissioned Inspectors and Authorized Inspection Agencies,
  • supported by Electric Power Research Institute, and
  • included as a repair option in EPRI RRAC Technical Report 1003286 – Repair Technology for Degraded Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger Shells.

This repair method was the recipient of the EPRI “2003 Technology Transfer Award for Innovative Repair Method”. 

Components can be supplied in corrosion resistant materials or with erosion/corrosion resistant linings, in any required shape, size, or pressure rating.

Please visit our Products section to learn more about our innovative approaches, or contact PMC to find out how our solutions can resolve your equipment maintenance issues.  Our clients have saved millions in repair and plant downtime.  Let us do the same for you.

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